Let Me Entertain You

Setting the Stage for a Successful Party

Most people have entertained at their home, whether it be for little league, book club, a Christmas party or even and an Open House.  It’s always a mad dash in the last hours prior to the event to pull off absolute perfection.  On the day of the event, your home has never been so immaculate, nor your culinary skills so spot on.  I would even venture to say that most spouses would pay to have someone beg you to host a party just to keep things in pristine condition (or at least mine would!)  On the flip side, some are so overwhelmed by the thought to even attempt such a feat, but it's just a matter of organization and planning. Aren't sure where to start? Let me help.

I always start off with a theme.  To do that, I have to answer two questions; 'Who are my guests?' and 'What’s the purpose of the event?'  To give a few examples, if I were to host a group of 10 year old boys, I would have a more casual atmosphere. Think of a pizza party or BBQ and make it a fun outside event.  If I were to host a 6 year old daughter’s birthday, I would possibly go with a tea party revolving around Alice in Wonderland--something that would appeal to her and her friends.  In an adult setting, you may want to have your own unique twist on a usual event. For example, for an Open House, I love the idea of calling it a "Sip and See for Your Home" and making it mid-morning brunch.  It makes it more fun and the theme lends itself to being a little more creative.

Now we have an idea of what our vision is. Where do we go from here?

As an example, let’s build on the open house “Sip and See” brunch idea.  Now, I need to come up with a menu, a signature drink and decorate around that.  Since we are calling it a brunch, I want a light, bite-size appetizer, some small sandwiches, tea cookies and a drink that may incorporate juice.   Another food add-on that always looks amazing and requires hardly any prep is a charcuterie board. This would consist of a dry cured meat (such as prosciutto), a dry cured sausage (salami), a soft cheese (a brie or similar), a hard cheese (gouda or an amazing aged cheddar), a variety of great olives, a fig or apricot preserve, and sliced, crusty bread.  All these together on a beautiful marble serving board creates an impressive dish, especially when garnished with a bundle of grapes draped to the side.  Simple and beautiful, that, my friends, is a menu Gordon Ramsey wouldn’t scream about!  If you are the world’s worst cook, or love the convenience of having someone else handle all the details, I do suggest you call a catering business.  Bella Cosa Catering, which is a local company here in Houma, has an amazing menu of options that you can pick through for any event.

So now we have a theme and a menu, it's time to set the stage!  So building on our current Open House theme, if a home has existing furniture and décor, all I have to do is freshen up!  But what if it doesn’t?  What if the home is completely empty?  Since the average buyer can’t usually envision a room pulled together, you have to create an appealing vision for them (Not to mention, sometimes they may buy the home with the décor you used to stage).  For a small investment of renting the items to stage, or even purchasing some key pieces, your Sip and See crowd will be wowed by your entertaining skills and how amazing the home is.  I myself use Bella Cosa Fine Gifts and Décor. They have a myriad of gorgeous items in house for you to see up close and personal.  You can use your favorites, depending on the style of home. It's the details that really create an atmosphere.

Now that, my darlings, is Food and Wine cover-ready entertaining!


For more information on catering or home decor from Bella Cosa, check out their Facebook page.