No matter what religious beliefs you fall into, this is the perfect time to do your spring cleaning--body, mind, closet, and home.  With all the gluttonous behaviors we engage in from Thanksgiving to Mardi Gras, it almost seems imperative to take a step back and reassess things and figure out what you need to give up and what you need to change.


I have a passionate love for fountain drinks. The wonderful carbonated bubbles are so magical in my massive styrofoam cup, BUT my favorite beverage completely wrecks the body, from the empty calories to the sugary syrup it takes to make it.  To reboot my body, I have banned myself from it completely for the next several weeks and replaced it with water, infused water, and...a side of water with my water.  While the first couple of days were torturous, I have noticed a boost of energy.  I also have been trying tons of different combos to infuse my water. After some trial and error, I've settled upon lemon and mint as my faves (quick side note: it goes amazing with my vodka!!!).  This small change in my daily beverage has done wonders for how my body feels. 


I am hyper and high strung by nature, so falling asleep at night is the great battle of my life.  I try to watch mindless TV to the wee hours, and just when I think that I’m finally ready to fall asleep, I turn off the TV and, without fail, I am again wide awake.  I try counting and before I can get to ten, my mind wanders through the million things I should do, could do, and will do.  I have finally come up with a two-fold perfect plan to bring my insomnia down ten notches to finally sleep like normal people.  After much research on supplements, the only thing I have found that works is Natural Vitality Calm.  It’s an amazing magnesium supplement that helps a ton of things, but most importantly, it actually makes my mind calm enough to relax and fall asleep.  The second thing that works for me is, instead of tossing and turning, to get out of bed and work until I get tired. Accomplishing more helps me shut my brain off to what I need to get done because I’ve already done most of it. By only getting into bed once I'm truly mentally worn out, it creates a habit of bed signaling sleep instead of triggering restlessness.


Somehow about this time every year my closet gets overrun by fall/winter of last year and new spring finds of the current year.  Fortunately I have a good size walk-in closet; however, I’m not a Kardashian, so space starts getting really limited.  Spring is the perfect time to pull everything out and edit your wardrobe.  To do this, I pull everything out and make two piles--one for fall/winter and one for spring.  From there I take my fall/winter and make two piles from that--one pile to donate and a second pile to pack up and put away.  Removing the bulk of last season gives me a good idea of what I lack for the new season.

Spring Staples:

  • Great white T-Shirt
  • White Button Down
  • White Jean
  • 1 great pair of blue jeans for everyday
  • 1 trending blue jean shape
  • Thin spring jacket
  • Nice beach sweater
  • Body-friendly bathing suit
  • Great pair of shorts that makes my rear end less tragic looking

Once I get through it all, I bring my donations to a local orphanage or family in need and go home and reorganize what’s left behind.


While spring isn’t quite here, here in the south, we are close enough!  This is the time to redo your bulky feeling interior décor and revisit your flower beds and shrubbery.  I need to mention one thing that absolutely kills me, and please bear with me during this rant, but I can't stand the butchering of Crepe Myrtles. 

PLEASE GIVE THAT UP.  PLEASE STOP LEAVING NUBBINS OF BRANCHES LEFT BEHIND!  Have you ever went for a haircut and asked for a trim and came out with a SEVERE CUT? Remember how you felt walking out feeling scalped???  This is how your tree feels.  

So how are you supposed to trim? When in doubt on how much to trim off from your trees branches, follow this article on Crepe Murder (ha!) from Southern Living, it will make you and your tree happy! 

Once your tree is trimmed and happy, tackle the inside.  Pick up the furry pillows and chunky throw blankets and find some lighter options.  Think linen and cotton for your linens, and lighter rustic baskets. Add some whimsical florals, pastels, or bright colors--whatever makes you happy.  Bring in some touches of gold and leafy live plants and herbs.  Your home will both smelly yummy and feel refreshed.

Green Juice has nothing on this cleanse!