Interpretations of style that runs against the grain

As a little girl I would pour over every fashion magazine that I could get into my hands, longing for the beautiful clothing that stared back at me.  Unfortunately for me, being in a small town in the South, searching out these gems (more like the mass produced replica of) was always a task.  Heartbroken and defeated, this was me stomping through the local mall without seeing even an inkling of anything I saw in the latest Seventeen magazine.  Little did I know then, that this was the thing that would help me define my style later in life. This frustration forced me to be creative with what I did have at my fingertips.  It also pushed me to mixing pieces that were quite different than the actual outfit the store told me went together.  I would choose the skirt from this set with a different top and a wild card pair of shoes. 

My dad would cringe to see me walk out of my room at times, telling me to turn back around and change the outlandishness.  I can remember, specifically, a romper with pink, purple, mint green and yellow that I paired with hot pink tights and purple Chuck Taylors.  I looked in the mirror and admired my perfect blending of colors and texture in an unexpected way.  Bouncing out the door on cloud nine, I got 20 steps out the door before my dad beckoned me back in to change.  Not that he wanted to crush my fashion dreams or even know how fabulous this confection was; he was just stopping me from being outlandish in my small town school surroundings.  You would think his pleading would have stopped my adventurous wears, but it didn’t—especially after seeing Andy, AKA Molly Ringwald, wow in her one-of-a-kind ensembles.  This is where I really felt my against-the-grain fashion sense wasn’t so off the beaten path.  To this day, I wear what I love and what makes sense to me in my artful eye.  My favorite compliment/not-so-compliment is “Only you could pull that off”, which really means “This outfit makes no sense to me, but you are wearing it with a confidence that I’m questioning. Are you on to something or if it’s still just weird?”  If someone had to ask me what my style is, I couldn’t answer because it changes every day.  Sometimes I feel boho chic, sometimes it may be classic Jackie O, and other days I may feel like a rockstar.  It’s ever changing.  The only constant in terms of my style, is knowing how to dress my body, how to put colors and textures together, and wear it with 200% confidence.  Once I put it on and walk out the door, I’m totally committed to the look.

The take away point is that it’s not about what others tell you is stylish or what you should wear, it’s about what you love and feel comfortable in.  Only then can you really be in style.