The Little White Room: Your Home’s Version of the LBD

How many magazine articles have we all read discussing the Holy Grail of fashion--the one and only little black dress?   I would venture to say that Coco Chanel could have never known that she would create fashion's most iconic must have.  Even the most self-proclaimed fashion "hot mess" owns or at least knows of this closet staple.  Why is this such an amazing piece?  Simply because you can do so much with it.  It's basic and neutral enough to make it a completely different look every time you wear it.  You can dress it up, or dress it down.  You can put any color with it and it all works!  We see endless articles on what’s in and what’s out, but the little black dress will always remain in season.

You’re probably scratching your head thinking “What does this have to do with decorating?” Let me blow your mind here!  I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked what color is best when building, remodeling or just getting ready to put a home on the market. My answer will always be the same. “Neutral--as in white, cream/khaki, or grey”.  That will continue to be my answer regardless of year, style, or season.  Neutral-colored rooms are the LBD of home style.  Your furniture, art, and decorative pieces are your accessories just as your jewelry and shoes would be to your dress.   You can change the look completely by changing a rug, throw pillows or art.  Adding a pop of color with small items make it so much more cost effective and personal than your large items such as sofa, floors, and wall colors, and it makes it easy to switch it up.

I personally love to redecorate every season.  It stops me from being bored with a look and challenges me to be a little more adventurous in trying new colors and textures. With a neutral canvas, I can make changes in a small way without regret.  In a world that says velvet blue chairs are in for fall, you can get the look with a velvet blue pillow. Then add your own spin, like some pops of plum and brass accessories.  You can add a splash of gold in an amazing coffee table tray or add a small vase of fresh peonies and look as chic as any New York penthouse in spring.  When the weather gets cooler, transform your living room to a winter wonderland with a chunky cable knit throw or perhaps a white cowhide rug on your dining room table instead of in your foyer.  In warmer months, summer shades in fuchsias, corals and yellows pop off of any canvas to give a room a unique trendy style.  If you are feeling adventurous, instead of doing a sitting room with peacock wallpaper, find a fabulous chair with peacock fabric. You'll still enjoy the bold statement, but when your Christmas decor comes out, the chair can be moved to another room if it doesn't coordinate.

In an age of DIY weekend warriors, you can put your feet up, relax and sip on a martini because you can wait to find that great piece of art that moves you. It's a lot easier when you aren’t bound by a burgundy dining room that needs to be repainted; you didn’t fall for the Paprika paint for your powder room; and you know chartreuse only belongs in your upholsteries and not on your kitchen walls. You have neutral walls that only enhance the rest of your decor. 

You are the Audrey Hepburn of your home, Fabulous and elegant always!